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We are dedicated to helping our students gain confidence, fill the gaps, and even get ahead in math and science.



A Bit About Us

Our passion is your gain!

What started as a study group over of cup of coffee years ago, is now Math and Mocha Tutoring.  After teaching and tutoring for over ten years, founder Dawn Minke knew that her students were learning more from small collaborative sessions which inspired our tutoring model.  It is important that our tutors know what the kids see day to day in the classroom, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting the best people to join our team. We aim to not only meet your needs, but also inspire confidence in our students and exceed your expectations of what a dependable Tutoring Service can be.


Small Group Tutoring

We work with our kids in groups of 2 or 3 once a week throughout the school year to instill teamwork, collaboration, trust, and confidence.  Your child will have the same tutor each week and be with the same students so that the group becomes a small math family in the process.  We work with all levels of math, 7th grade through high school, as well as a few sections of science.

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SAT and ACT Test Prep

We have worked hard to create curriculum that is fluid and growing alongside these tests.  We have private sessions, video programs, and 6-12 week courses available.  We have seen exciting advances from our students that follow the program we outline for them.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Summer Math Program

We are especially proud of our year round efforts to help the kids.  We want our students to go into the next school year feeling 100% confident and prepared to succeed.  We offer a summer math program that is five weeks long to make up any gaps from previous years, and  preview what the students will focus on the next school year.

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Why Choose Us?

Math and Mocha has created something special.  That’s largely because of our connection to the classroom, but mostly because of our genuine love of students and teaching.  Our main goal is to instill confidence and a love of learning in the kids.  We pride ourselves on the fact that most students are asking their parents to sign them up for our services, instead of parents begging their child to attend tutoring.

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Dawn Minke

Founder and Tutor

I truly believe that we have the best teachers working with our kids, and I'm so very proud of what Math and Mocha has become.  Bottom line:  We love kids and we love what we do. I realize that every situation is unique, so please call me to discuss your child's needs and we'll find a way to help them.


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