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Meet the Team


Dawn Minke

Owner and Math Tutor

Teacher and tutor for the past 20 years, Dawn has received numerous teaching honors including Secondary Teacher of the Year for Keller ISD in 2007.  She has taught everything from Algebra 1 through Calculus and prides herself on helping kids learn, gain confidence, and even begin to love math again.


Kayla Molina

Math Tutor

Kayla has been with M&M for 5 years and was the 2019-2020 KISD Secondary Teacher of The Year!  She works with our Algebra One, Geometry, Algebra Two, and Precal students.  She also specializes in all standards of the Algebra One STAAR. Molina is a rock star!


Claire Hinkle

Math Tutor

Claire was the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year at Southlake Carroll. This will be her fifth year tutoring Algebra and Geometry with us. We are so fortunate to have her on the team!


Nicole Black

Math Tutor

Nicole is our AP Statistics guru and was the KISD AP Teacher of the Year in 2008.  She has taught stats for ten years in Keller and Denton and has a positivity and assurance about her that helps instill confidence in her students.  She knows what AP graders like to see and we are so happy she is working with us.


Kari Laminack

Math Tutor

Kari has taught all different levels of high school math for 20+ years. She is coming back for her second year with us to head up the Online Tutoring.  Her experience is invaluable to our students.

Shelley Hawkins.PNG

Shelley Hawkins

Chemistry Tutor

Shelley has taught for many years in KISD including experience as the science department chair at TCHS.  She has experience in on level, preAP, and AP Chemistry and has found a way to make the science fun and engaging for her students.  She is a former teacher of the year in KISD and we are lucky to have her in the M&M family.


Leslie Salazar

Physics Tutor

Leslie has taught Physics at TCHS for the past couple of years and started tutoring with us last year.  Her energy and enthusiasm for science is contagious for our students and we are grateful to have her on the team.


Melissa Sherman

Math Tutor

Melissa has taught Algebra One at Birdville HS for years and is joining us for her second year with M&M.  Loved by her students and teachers, she has a special way to connect to our kids.


Daniel Nelson

Math Tutor

Dan's reputation as a teacher/coach in KISD is second to none.  A current teacher/administrator at the collegiate academy, we are thrilled he chose to work with M&M this year where he will help our Geometry and Alg 1 students.


Nicole Volk

Math Tutor

Nicole has years of experience at both the middle school and high school levels.  She has a way of connecting the material to all types of learners and is joining us for a fourth year, where she can teach any level of Algebra out there.

Our Tutors: Meet the Team
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